Toll fees, and a full tank of gas offered !

05/12/2017 - 05/12/2017

* Indicative prices, subject to availabilities

Toll fees, and a full tank of gas offered !

Available for a stay from 30/3 to 4/8 and from 26/8 to 4/11/18, in accommodation per 4, 6 and 8 persons, per 1 week minimum.

Toll fees are offered from your residence adress (indicated on the booking form) , to the campsite adress in France, simulation on a website like Mappy Via michelin for the shortest road, we need a prove of your résidence address (Invoice of water, Electricity or passeport adress) .

Maximum Fee deducted per Gas offered 50¤ (we don’t need any justify document)

The reduction will be applied 15 days after we received your documents (Residence prove to sent
contact@camping-vallee-du-paradis.fr ), and a new voucher will be sent to you (Toll fee and 50¤ for Gas fee deducted). We need the documents 15 days maximum before you arrival date. During the last 15 days before your arrival, deduction cannot be applied.

Special offer avalable for persons living in France. For persons living in another country, the amount deducted as toll fee is limited at maximum 500¤ for a stay from 30/6 to 1/09/18, and maximum 150¤ in low season.